Sweet Tooth 3 BX2 Regular Seeds by the cannabis seeds breeder Alpine Seeds, is a Photoperiod Regular marijuana strain. This Regular seed grows well in Greenhouse, Indoors conditions. This strain has Sweet Tooth 3 x Chemdog DD Genetics. It has a Unknown THC Content. The CBD content of the strain is Unknown. This strain can be used to treat a variety of medical conditions including, Muscle Spasm, Pain.



Sweet Tooth 3 BX2 is, as the name suggests, the second back-cross of Sweet Tooth 3 x Chemdog DD, the original Spice of Life Sweet Tooth clone. BX2 is more typically indica dominant and similar to the original Sweet Tooth.

Its structure is rather bushy with wide, fleshy leaves and a short inter-nodal distance which is also typically indica. The structure of the buds is also indica-like with good density. After flowering for between 60 and 70 days the foxtail-like pinnacles on the buds are very noticeable. It performs best indoors or in a greenhouse unless grown in very warm climates. Both aroma and taste are sweet and fruity but with a slightly sour note. Resin production is very good.

There are two pheno-types which are only slightly different and both of which have surprisingly good yields such that staking or some other kind of support will be necessary in the latter stages of flowering. The effect is indica-dominant, nice and relaxing in spite of its sativa genetics. Alpine Seeds recommends this strain for pain relief and as a muscle relaxant. This is a very high quality cannabis strain.


BREEDER Alpine Seeds
GENETICS Sweet Tooth 3 x Chemdog DD
PACK SIZE 10 Seeds
VARIETY Mostly Indica
SEX Regular
GROWS Greenhouse, Indoors
FLOWERING TIME 60 - 70 days
TASTE / FLAVOUR Fruity, Sweet
EFFECT Relaxing

Sweet Tooth 3 BX2 Regular Seeds


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