Headlights Kush Auto Feminised Seeds by the cannabis seeds breeder Emerald Triangle, is a Autoflowering Feminised marijuana strain. This Feminised seed grows well in Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors conditions. This strain has Lemon OG Kush x Original Haze x Northern Lights x Ruderalis Genetics. It has a Unknown THC Content. The CBD content of the strain is Unknown.



Headlights Kush Auto adds ruderalis genetics to a mix of Lemon OG Kush, Original Haze and Northern Lights to produce an auto-flowering strain that grows thick like a privet hedge. Plant outdoors any time from early Spring through 'til early Autumn depending on local conditions. Indoors 18 - 20 hours of light per 24 hours is recommended; seed to harvest takes anywhere between 60 and 70 days. Flowering will begin in the 3rd or 4th week indoors or out and dense, heavy tops will develop especially so with the central one. It is predominantly sativa despite the density of the compact buds. More than 180 gr per plant can be achieved but this depends on the growing medium and method utilised.


BREEDER Emerald Triangle
GENETICS Lemon OG Kush x Original Haze x Northern Lights x Ruderalis
VARIETY Mostly Sativa
FLOWERING TYPE Autoflowering
SEX Feminised
GROWS Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
FLOWERING TIME 5 - 6 weeks

Headlights Kush Auto Feminised Seeds