Deep Cheese Feminised Seeds by the cannabis seeds breeder Dinafem Seeds, is a Photoperiod Feminised marijuana strain. These seeds are ready to harvest in Indoors: 55 days in Mid October. This Feminised seed grows well in Indoors, Outdoors conditions. Additionally it can be expected to grow into a Tall plant reaching up to 2,5 metres. This strain has Cheese x Cheese Genetics. The CBD content of the strain is Unknown.



Dinafem have been working for two years crossing and selecting Cheese plants to enhance the flavor and aroma of this legendary strain. They have selected and bred the offspring for 4 generations, and thanks to this crosses of Cheese X Cheese, they have achieved to increase the very intense flavor and aroma of this delicious strain. Like its predecessor, Deep Cheese flowers in 8 weeks. It has a Christmas tree structure with thin leaves and a good height. The improvement over the first version is that the aroma and flavor are more intense and even closer to the taste of the original mother plant. Deep Cheese has probably the strongest flavor of our entire catalog. This strain has conquered growers around the world, becoming in recent years one of the 10 most popular globally.


BREEDER Dinafem Seeds
GENETICS Cheese x Cheese
SEX Feminised
YIELD Indoors: 525 g/m2
PLANT HEIGHT up to 2,5 metres
GROWS Indoors, Outdoors
FLOWERING TIME Indoors: 55 days

Deep Cheese Feminised Seeds